Parents and Student Athletes 


 An Athletic Scholarship through LVSBC is a kind of merit award for students who excel at their sport

and meet the LVSBC requirements. The aim of a LVSBC athletic scholarship, is to assist offset the costs of a college degree. Some students are offered athletic scholarships to continue their sport in college. However, not all student athletes are given this opportunity and we would love the opportunity to assist your Senior Student Athlete. Look below for some answers to your questions and LVSBC requirements to apply for our Scholarship. 

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Q & A

Do I have to be a LVSBC Member?

Yes. A member of the immediate family must be a Member of the LVSBC for a minimum of 2 years: (Immediate family to be determined by the Board)

If my parents, brother or sister volunteer, do their hours go towards my required 10 hours, per year  for volunteering?

Yes. Immediate family members only.  Remember you must have 10 hours each year required (2 years), totaling 20 hours within 2 School calendar years to meet requirements. We love and appreciate all our volunteers all the time!

Do I have to attend General Booster Club Meetings?

Yes. You must attend 3 General Membership Meetings. Your parents attending is wonderful and we encourage it, however their attendance does not count on your behalf.

How do I manage and keep track of my hours?

It is required that you do the following: Make an account at

you can also download the app to your phone for added convenience.

Every time you volunteer at a event, you must be signed up.

If you are volunteering at a last minute event or request, you can sign up there as well.

Please keep track of your own hours as well. If you have a event youre working at , please make sure to have the signature of a Adult lead at the event for your own records. 




LVSBC Scholarship Requirements 2020-2021


a. A member of the immediate family must be a Member of the LVSBC for a minimum of 2 years: (Immediate family to be determined by the Board)

b. The applicant or immediate family members must have volunteered a minimum of 20 hours for the LVSBC, with a maximum of 10 hours per year, that will go towards the minimum 20 hour requirement. 

c. The applicant must have attended 3 General Membership meetings. Students that attend General Membership Meetings will also receive 1 hour credit towards volunteer hours.

LVSBC Constitution and By-Laws

Section 2:a-c.AMD 8/26/2019

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Senior year of an athlete's high school career, they have the opportunity to apply for the La Vernia Sports Booster Club Scholarship.



Seniors can find applications in the counselor's office at the high school in the Spring.